Friday, October 3, 2008

My Un-Professional Take on Last Night's Debate

I couldn't watch too much of last night's debate- my almost-dad-in-law was watching too. Since we're on opposite sides of the political spectrum, I think it would've disturbed him to hear me yelling "IT'S 'NU-CLEE-AR'! SAY IT RIGHT! LEARN TO TALK, YOU FREAKIN' HICK MORON!", along with the other choice things I might've said that aren't the top of one's lungs... in a house where children reside... and were at that point sleeping. 
If you want an actual (and funny) opinion on the debate, I recommend Melissa from Shakesville's article in the Guardian.

All I have for you is this nifty flow chart I yoinked off the internet from, after I cleaned tea off the keyboard (what? It's funny!).

One other thing: Biden did say he and Obama would support same-sex couples having all the same Constitutional rights and benefits as hetero couples. Finally. So, I'm cautiously optimistic about that. At least he gave a straightforward answer, and Palin... well, watch and cringe. Queers United has a post up about it with a video showing both Biden and Palin's reply to that question.

Sarah Anti-Sexism PSA: We don't have to make fun of her looks, her family, or anything having to do with the fact that she's female. The amount of fail she brought to the debate was pretty much enough. So please remember, when you crack on Palin, do it for the right reasons. 

Sorry kids, that's all for today. 
h/t Shakesville for the flowchart and Melissa's article.