Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Because You Know You Love The Backstory

My blog name is a little weird. There are lots of cool, weird blog names out there. Just on my blogroll you'll find Hell On Hairy Legs, Shakesville (which used to be Shakespeare's Sister), and The Curvature. All fairly random names for feminist blogs- memorable, funny, and cool. So, why did I pick a name that sounds like a punk-rock band? Screaming Lemur is a nickname I picked up back in the day, inspired by this:
I always thought that was great. And the mystery was: was it the mouse, or WAS there really a screaming lemur in there? Also it was kind of a cool metaphor for me, cute-little-thing-hiding-wicked-bitch-personality. And yes. Yes, I like Garfield. I respect his ability to sleep, be sassy, and kick idiots off tables (sweet as Odie was).
So yeah. Not a great backstory, as it goes, but there it is. I felt the need to share.
Questions? Comments?