Friday, July 4, 2008

"You Have Too Many Thoughts."

It's been said to Willow and it's been said to me. I think too much. If I'm not thinking, I'm asleep. Or, you know, having the evil sex. So now that I've gotten that overshare out of the way, I'm thinking about why I want to write this blog. I think it's BECAUSE I think too much. Because I get so damn angry about the shit that I see and hear and read everyday, and everyone means well, but they keep telling me how I shouldn't get so angry. That I'm too sensitive. "Oh, Lemur, the patriarchy doesn't run the world! Strippers are well paid, so saying their job is degrading is a negation of their [empowerful] choice! Budweiser comercials commending the maker of the push-up bra aren't at all offensive! And by the way, clenching your teeth like that is really bad for you."
I look at the blogs that I admire: The Curvature, run by Cara. I stumbled across this blog doing a random Google of something like "sexism in Disney movies"... because I randomly Google shit I find interesting, and I know I'm not the only one. So one of them randomly linked to a Curvature article, and my life was different. Which sounds really stupid, I know. But who the hell knew there were feminist blogs? With well-researched articles, and ideas that were new, and opinions and insights on stuff that mattered? For that matter, who knew the Patriarchy was so well-entrenched? Not me. Not then. I mean, shit.
Just a month or so ago I ran into The Sugarbutch Chronicles, and aside from immediately developing the biggest case of the vapors over the sexiness of Sinclair Sexsmith, I was struck by the intelligence and thought that goes into this blog on sex, gender/queer theory, and butch/femme relationships. I also read some of her erotic posts- short stories, I guess, some true and some fiction- and have immediately developed a case of writer's envy. Aaaand a severe case of horny, every time I read them.
So yes, while I'd love to eventually have a blog that's as intelligent and relevant as some of the ones I admire (and half as acidly fucking funny as Twisty Faster's IBTP), for now I'm developing my own style, thinking of stuff I wanna say, and debating what I SHOULD say.
Should I talk about my personal stuff? I research a lot of stuff here on the big scary Intar-webs, and I guess a Blogger's 101 course is in order. Going to do that now. Til then, I'm guessing... some ranting, some personal shit, and some questions that I feel need to be asked.
Like, OMCC what do I do now?