Monday, July 7, 2008

Obama Sez "Check With Your Religious Representative Before You Go All Krazy"

So I was reading this post from Shakesville (Jeff is awesome). I have been commenting all over the blogosphere lately, it feels like. Coming out of my lurker status to actually put my opinion on the Inter-webs, where people can possibly *gasp* criticize it! I know, that's what I'm doing here, I guess. So... maybe it's good practice for being criticized? I'm hoping some of it will make me, if not a better feminist (although I do acknowledge it as a possibility), at least a better, clearer and more concise writer.

But that whole late-term abortion thing is just annoying. Obama's yapping about mental health issue not being a valid reason for a late-term abortion just sounds like a patronizing and dangerous "We'll allow you to have your evil abortion if your physical health is threatened, but not your psyche, because who gives a shit about your useless mind and feelings unless you might not be able to pump out more of the precious babiez! Also, we can't have women running around willy-nilly deciding two days before their due date that, wait, that baby would really screw up their manicure. But uh, hey, girl power!"
Wow, that was a lot of interpretation on my part, there. But hyperbole aside, it really does feel like that to me.

And yes, while the chance of women having 'frivolous' abortions is vanishingly unlikely- rarely, I would think, does a woman say "Hey, think I'll abort this fetus at 8 months, cause it'll be fun!"- it may happen. The thing is, just because a few women are stupid, irresponsible, selfish or even sadistic enough to do something like that, doesn't mean we should deny late-term abortions across the board.

Again, I stress options. Per example: Irresponsible use of alcohol kills a hell of a lot of people, but after the first attempt at Prohibition, no one's saying "Okay, you irresponsible douchebags have ruined it for the rest of the country. NO BOOZE FOR YOU!" So how come this is different?

I was just angry, especially at Obama's "Abortion is a woman's decision to make with her doctor, family, and pastor" trope. And that's not really paraphrasing. Yeah, fuck that. Either it's a woman's decision, she's a big girl and can think about how to handle her uterus all on her own, or she's incapable (cause of those tiny little wimmin-brainz) and has to have other people make the decision for her.

Ah, Obama, I had such hopes for you! I thought you actually got the "woman as human being" decision! What's a feminist to do, other than bitch, moan and complain. Yeah, I know... but hey, I'm feeling a bit discouraged. It's my party blog and I'll bitch if I want to.

And that song reference makes me think back to one of my first feminist moments. When I was a little kid riding in the car with my mom, she listened to the oldies stations obsessively. And there was a "sequel song" to 'It's My Party' called 'Now It's Judy's Turn To Cry'. You know, the first song was about her boyfriend dumping her for some other chick? This song's about how it's this girl's turn to cry (maybe at a party?) because "Johnny's [dumped this bitch and] come back to me". My thought about this, even as a kid, was: "Why the hell isn't she mad at the guy who dumped her in the first place? What's so great about this guy? Isn't she mad? And isn't it kinda mean to be happy that some other girl's crying cause this guy did to her what he did to you? WTH?" What can I say, I wasn't a terribly articulate feminist at 8.
Does anyone else have a First Feminist moment they remember?