Thursday, July 3, 2008

Poste the Firste...

This is my first official public blog. I'm a little freaked. Not affiliated with MySpace or anything like that. I started this blog cause I've seen a lot in the Blogosphere in the last few months that I've admired. I admire a blog's ability to cause comment, thought, dialogue, and sometimes anger. I love the idea that people might wanna read the thoughts in my brain (and they are many, varied, and fairly depraved), the way I read the thoughts from the brains of some of MY favorite bloggers. I'd like to try and be serious-ish; discuss real issues and real thoughts, although I can't promise not to blog about my cat occasionally. I have a DeadJournal, so I don't need yet another place to whine. All I have to do is figure out this linking thing, and I'm golden!
Oh... and I have to have some deep thoughts to blog about. So, maybe I'm just vaguely metallic.
Any comments will be... shocking, actually, cause no one knows about this thing yet.
Ninja Blogger!