Monday, March 9, 2009

Small and Fuzzy Invaders

We have kittens. They are very small and very fluffy and very very cute. We were only going to take home one, but somehow I was railroaded and against my prudent judgement, we ended up with two. 
Their names are Nomad and Chaos, and so far they have been living up to their nomenclature- kitten-bounding all over the house, wandering behind the stove to see what's there, climbing up onto the bed and the top of the couch, squeaking aggressively at tissues, severely disturbing poor Haven (who is not pleased at these small fuzzy invaders), and clambering into the ferret cage whenever I leave it open.

Can we all live to learn together? There are now twice as many animals as humans living in our house. 

There has been so much random crap in the news lately that I thought some fuzzy blogging would be just the thing. Pictures later.