Monday, April 6, 2009

Holy crap, Iowa!

Iowa! Yes, Iowa! Not-very-far-from-us Iowa!
...has legalized same-sex marriage!

I'm so happy I don't know what to say, except hell yeah, it's about time!
This means that the Heartland is starting to fall. Oh noes, (gasp) Progressivism!
Hopefully by the time the conservo-wingnuts are able to protest, everything'll have settled down and people will realize the sky hasn't fallen.
Although you'd think people could look at Massachusetts (and Canada, and Sweden, etc.) and take note of the fact that their major cities aren't in flames, FFS.

But anyway... Iowa! By unanimous vote! And Vermont too, by the way.
...Bwa ha ha...Today Iowa, tomorrow the world!
(Sorry. Couldn't help it.)

Now I am going to grab my Ferret and start MapQuestin'. Cause, hey, you never know when the urge for a road trip may strike.

Mazel tov everyone!