Saturday, April 11, 2009

Your PC Fail

Here at Things That Piss Me Off dot com, I just thought I'd bitch about people who bitch about "PC".
"The thought police blah blah"!
"You're being oversensitive bark bark bark"
"I'm un-PC so I'm edgy and cool zzzz my penis zzzz zzzz"

These people are assholes. There's really no other conclusion to be reached. When they bitch about people "restricting" the language they can use, they're basically just saying, "But what about MY right to be an asshole?! What about MEEEEEE??!1!"
Because apparently their right to say dumb, rude, unconstructive bullshit is more important than not making someone else feel bad. If they can't say shit like "you're my bitch", "that's so gay", and "you're retarded", the world will end because someone tried to tell them they were being arrogant and mean.

Also, it made me very sad that I had a conversation with my ex yesterday wherein I had to explain that "donkeypunch" is not funny. Ever. Same goes for 'the Houdini'. If you think it is funny, you're a douchebag. The end.

To sum up: If you think that your privelege to say whatever you want, no matter how racist/sexist/homophobic/etc it is, is more important than the feelings of actual people... YOU. ARE. A. BAD. PERSON. No really, you are. Please fuck off and die now.