Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just Once, Dammit!

Just once I'd like to see a commercial for a cleaning, household or cooking product that doesn't involve a woman (with perfectly manicured nails). Just once I'd like to see an ad that shows a man taking care of kids, or cooking dinner, or even *gasp* cleaning like it's a perfectly normal thing instead of some amazing occurrence that will shock his dutiful wife. Seriously, tell me where there's an ad that shows a guy cooking dinner for the family, or worrying about "household odors", or cleaning the bathroom.

The only ads featuring men that I ever see are "Look, this is so simple even a man can do it! (Cause we all know men never cook or clean ever.) And then you'll get brownie points with the wife, guys!" *nudge nudge* Oh, cause all men are hetero and married.
Cause Goddess forbid a man should want to clean because HE doesn't like to see the house looking messy. Or cook cause he/his family is hungry. Oh dearie me, no. That's what wives are for!
Obviously men don't lower themselves to things like housework; it's feminizing. It's like eating, say, quiche, or salad. You'll immediately grow boobs and cry at sad movies.
But if women clean up spills (while the menz just stand there and stare at the spreading liquid like it's a fucking Hypno-Toad or something), well, that's just what women do. Either that, or men are displayed as idiots who can't work a fucking dishwasher without disaster. Yeah-huh. You're masters of the fucking Western World, but can't sort your own socks. I find these commercials kind of insulting to dudes, too.

When it comes to my personal stand? Ferret and I plan to split the chores when we cohabitate. I don't know what the butch/femme etiquette is on this one, and I don't care. I'm not cleaning up after a dude, and I'm not doing it for her. There are some things I'll accept that she doesn't 'get'- IE, never having owned lingerie or dry clean only items in her life, I don't want her to attempt to sort and do my laundry. But vacuuming? That, at least, I think she can handle. And if she doesn't want to or can't spend the time to clean, I plan to use her money to hire a maid to do her share.

(Also can I just say that that fucking refrigerator ad with the whole family expecting the mom to know where everything is like she's a GPS for lost objects- I hate that ad with a fiery fucking passion. Is everyone in that house an idiot? I lose my shit all the time but don't expect my mother or girlfriend to magically know where it is. Dudez, in case you haven't been told this before now: your wife or girlfriend is not a combination of mommy, maid, secretary and sexbot.)

Men don't do housework because they think it is beneath them, and get confused when The Cleaning Fairy puts her fucking foot down.
But of course, in Commercial-Land this will never happen. The women will worry obsessively about soap scum, and the men will wear ties.