Sunday, August 3, 2008

And this is why it's hard to trust men.

Kyle FUCKING Payne. You utter waste of oxygen. You complete bastard. You, the "Oh-I've-done-so-much-for-women's-rights-and-I'm-a-male-feminist" guy- you've now officially done your part to fuck up feminism.

You didn't make a mistake, you made a choice to prey on an unconscious woman who trusted you. You've commited sexual assault. You didn't whoops slip and fall and your hand landed on her somehow magically exposed breast while you accidentally hit the 'film' button on a camera that just happened to be there. You did it on purpose and the only thing you're really sorry about is that you got caught- the only thing most abusers are ever sorry about.

And now? Now, Mr. "But I'm Really A Good Guy"? You've fucked it up for the dudes who actually want to help and be allies. You've fucked it up for the women you counseled who are now possibly re-triggered and probably wondering if you lied to them, made their trauma worse, or got off on their pain. You've fucked it up for women everywhere- including this one- who have trouble trusting men, because you've shown what can happen when we do. You've made feminism that much harder for everyone involved.

Now please, please, go away. Go to jail and stay there. And if you ever get out, which I guess you will, never come back to the women's movement again, you jerk. You're a coward, a hypocrite, and a predator. You are not welcome, your Feminist Cardtm has been revoked, you've been banished and your name will be posted all over the internet with the tag "lying scumbag" attached.