Monday, August 25, 2008

PSA. Also, Random Fact!

Because I'm move-demented, I'm posting random things as they occur to me. This shit will probably happen til I'm re-homed and settled. And maybe even after that, if I feel like it. Deal with it.

PSA for today:

EVERY FEMALE WHO IS SEXUALLY ACTIVE SHOULD VISIT THE OB-GYN AT LEAST ONCE A YEAR. Every female who isn't sexually active should still go at least once a year after you start your period, or at least when you hit your mid-teens. This came up because I know some women in their mid-20's who've gone like, once. Or never. And they're sexually active. Look, I get that you may have had a bad experience with a doctor. Or that it's scary. And I totally get it if you're poor as hell and don't have money for a doctor unless you're actively bleeding from the eyeballs. Those of us (privileged, I know) who have money for a co-pay or deductible or the few who're solvent yet uninsured, however, have no excuse that I can see.

*Yes, I can say vagina, vulva, uterus and ovaries. I think 'lady-parts' is amusing, and use it to mean all those things in general.*
We only get one set of lady-parts! And I know most of us want them to be functional for at least one of two purposes, if not both. Reproductive health (whether you want kids, don't want 'em, or don't know) and sexual pleasure are a BIG part of what I consider feminism to be about, and they're important. Also, if you're gettin' it on, it's good to be checked to make sure you're STD-free. And hell, if something's wrong and you don't know it til too late, it's not like they hand out spares.
This is not to shame anyone or suggest that some people don't have valid reasons for putting off a doctor visit. It's mostly to inform those women who think it's less important, or don't see a reason to visit the vag-doctor on the regular. It's also to reassure those who think that going to a Gyn. says something about their sexuality, one way or the other. (Yes, I do know someone like this.) It's okay, it doesn't, and nobody will judge you. I promise.

So seriously, if you haven't, or even if you haven't for awhile, go get your ladyparts checked. Your vulva will thank you for it (after it's done bitching about that freezing speculum).

And now,
Random Fact for today:

FERRETS ARE NOT RODENTS. I know, I know, they look kind of rodent-y. They aren't. They're mustelids, which are related to otters, badgers, skunks and wolverines. Their Latin name translates to "stinky mouse-killing thief". I haven't seen Loki hunt mice, but the rest is definitely accurate.
So don't call a ferret a rat. It's untrue and rather insulting to ferrets, who're (in my admittedly biased opinion) a damn sight cooler than rats.
Also, just so you know: they don't bite any more than dogs or cats do, and for the same reasons. I know those pointy teeth can look scary, but I promise the most dangerous thing most ferrets will do is sniff you with disturbing intensity. They're funny, affectionate, about as smart as a two year old child, and occasionally a pain in the ass, and they aren't rodents.
Show some love for the ferrets!