Friday, September 5, 2008

Link Roundup

Yes, I'm doing that thing known as a link-cluster, a big ol' orgy of links.
... Ok, so it's not a metric ton of new hyperlink-y goodness, but I'm working on it. Check em out anyway.

IMPORTANT: Cara writes about Amy Goodman's arrest and why you should care. A lot. So, by the way, do a lot of other folks. Does anyone else feel like it's an Orwellian morning? In 1984?

SCARY: This is a 'joke site' putting girls up for sale- as long as you marry 'em! has confirmed that it's not real, but there are people out there who'd probably try to use it, and quite a few of 'em are in the States. Also, the reminder of 'foreign brides' and sex-trafficked women ruined my breakfast cinnamon roll.

QUEER: The lovely SublimeFemme has a post responding to an Annoyed Lesbian who's bemoaning the abundance of Butch/Femme types in NYC. Oh, the horror!

USEFUL: How not to be "That Guy", by synechdochic. I need to print this and throw copies of the roof of a high building.

NEW AND SPIFFY: I just found another feminist blog that seems to be pretty neat. Lots of political stuff, of course. What did we do before this election?

MORE QUEER: Sinclair's new post on femme identity made me think about how I identify. What makes me a femme? ...still thinking on that one.

ON ROE: A doctor's story of the days pre-Roe v. Wade, which brings the point home again that making abortion illegal won't stop it from being performed. It will do nothing but cause more death and pain. I thought it was a necessary and important thing to keep in mind.

Okay kids, that's my first try at a blogaround/ link roundup of random stuff. Feel free to leave your links in comments!