Thursday, September 11, 2008

Because I Can

I will now provide you with a link to one of the weirdest blogs on my blog list, "Desperately Seeking...Something?" It has penises. (Penii?) It has commentary ON said penises. It's where I go when I've had a bad day, and it's funny as hell. 
The reason I'm sharing it with you today?
Because if you scroll down to the last picture,  there's the comment "...Don't you understand guys? You think you are offering us some hot lovin' and ALL we can see is the shit you are going to expect us to pick up." 
I read it, and then had to clean tea off the monitor. Maybe I'm just easily amused.
Of course, I'm thinking that anyone who needed this advice probably wouldn't be linking here. But you could email it to some unfortunate dude, if you know any like this. 
Anyway, if you like making fun of this kind of thing, or just, you know, laughing at it... go see. 
It's my Blog Endorsement of the Week. 

(You know, if you guys want some of this stuff to be regular features, as opposed to me just pretending it's a regular feature, say so. I might actually make an effort. Just sayin'.)